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QuidMusic – Bringing musicians and fans together


Music for Money for Music

QuidMusic is a unique site enabling musicians to sell their music direct to their fans.

All you have to do is put a pledge button on your website. Then you decide how much you'd like to receive for your next release.

Whether it's £5 or £5,000, all your fans have to do is pledge £1 each towards the total. Once enough of your fans have pledged £1, you get QuidMusic to notify them of your new release and all those £1 pledges are paid to you.

To benefit from QuidMusic, just follow the five easy steps below:

  1. Register as a QuidMusic Musician (in form below)

  2. Put a Pledge £1 for my next release (via QuidMusic) button on your website

  3. Watch your fans' pledges come rolling in

  4. When you're ready, release your new work to them

  5. Cash in the pledges

Register Now

We only need five items of information to enable you to put a pledge button on your website:


Your unique login username (no spaces)


Your password (minimum 3 characters)

Full Name

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Your unique e-mail address


URL to your website - leave blank if you don't want to be listed as a musician





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